Mayors-Ministers Dialogue on Future-proofing Urban Infrastructures

Goa, India: On July 20th 2023, The Mayors-Ministers Dialogue on Future-proofing Urban Infrastructures brought together national and local government leaders, experts, and stakeholders to discuss and strategize innovative urban infrastructure solutions. With cities accounting for over 70% of global energy consumption, the dialogue emphasized their crucial role in achieving a sustainable transition to a climate-neutral future.

Dr. Cathy Oke, Senior Advisor at the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, delivered the welcoming remarks, setting the context for the dialogue. Dr. Aromar Revi, Director of the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, presented key findings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCCC) and highlighted recommendations for urban policymakers.

The subsequent roundtable discussion featured distinguished speakers from various nations and sectors, addressing crucial questions on urban infrastructures and climate action. The dialogue also marked the establishment of the Urban Transitions Mission, aiming to collaborate with 50 ambitious cities worldwide towards holistic, clean energy-based urban transitions.

Kochi & Panaji, Both the cities have actively participated in the dialogue, discussing innovative solutions for sustainable and climate-resilient urban development. Mayor Rohit Monserrate of Panaji and Dr Rajan Chedambath from Kochi shared their insights during the roundtable discussion, leading the way towards a sustainable future.

The dialogue celebrated the Urban Transitions Mission, empowering cities like Kochi and Panaji to adopt net-zero strategies, bolster climate action plans, and foster innovative solutions. Together with national governments, they are committed to the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Let's applaud these cities' dedication in steering urbanization and climate change towards a climate-neutral, resilient world. Stay tuned for transformational outcomes! #SustainableUrbanization #ClimateAction #NetZeroCities #GlobalCooperation #ClimateResilience

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