Jamnagar hosted "Vision Setting" Consultation as part of preparation of it's Net Zero Climate Action Plan with GCoM South Asia

In a significant stride towards a sustainable future, Jamnagar successfully conducted the 'Vision Setting' stakeholder consultation meeting for its City Climate Action Plan (CAP) on 20th February 2024. This meeting was made conducted as part of the preparation of a Climate Action Plan for Jamnagar under EU supported Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM) in South Asia program. The consultation aimed at laying the groundwork for Jamnagar's Climate Action Plan by:
1. Understanding the current environmental baseline of Jamnagar city.
2. Identifying key focus areas for the Climate Action Plan.
3. Prioritizing actions to be taken in the short-term, mid-term, and long-term.
4. Developing a Greenhouse gas inventory and addressing data gaps.

The event saw the participation of esteemed guests including Former Mayor Hon. Binaben Ashokbhai Kothari, Municipal Commissioner Shri D. N. Modi, Deputy Municipal Commissioner Shri B. N. Jani, along with JMC department officials and representatives from Gujarat state authorities. Their valuable expertise and feedback enriched the discussions and provided insights for shaping the Climate Action Plan effectively. With the support and collaboration of all stakeholders, Jamnagar is poised to take proactive measures towards building a greener, more resilient future. This initiative reflects Jamnagar's commitment to sustainability and its proactive approach in addressing climate challenges.

For more information on Jamnagar's Climate Action Plan, please contact, GCoM South Asia country coordinator, Mr. Ashish Verma - [email protected]