Junagadh hosted "Vision Setting" Consultation as part of preparation of it's Net Zero Climate Action Plan with GCoM South Asia

Junagadh is gearing up for a sustainable transformation with the recent 'Vision Setting' stakeholder consultation organized by the NIUA in partnership with Global Covenant of Mayors South Asia and the Junagadh Municipal Corporation (JuMC) as part of preparation of a net zero climate action plan (CAP) on 22nd February 2024.

The consultation witnessed the active participation of key stakeholders, including Municipal Commissioner Dr. Om Prakash (IAS), Deputy Municipal Commissioner Dr. Ajay Zampda (IAS), Chairman of the Standing Committee Shri Haresh K. Parsana, and Executive Engineer & Nodal Officer Mr. Alpesh Chavda. Gujarat state authorities and JuMC department officials also contributed their insights and expertise to the discussions.

Key focus areas for Junagadh's Climate Action Plan were identified, which include:
1. Developing flood-resilient infrastructure
2. Reducing groundwater dependency
3. Mitigating climate change impacts on vulnerable sectors
4. Conserving biodiversity
5. Retrofitting heritage structures
6. Shifting towards renewable mobility
7. Promoting sustainable tourism
8. Decarbonizing building-level emissions Junagadh is setting the pace for sustainable tourism by fostering a culture that celebrates its rich heritage while embracing a net-zero future.
The identified focus areas reflect Junagadh's commitment to addressing climate change challenges holistically and paving the way for a greener, more resilient city. This initiative signifies Junagadh's proactive approach in integrating sustainability into urban planning and development, aiming to create a city that is environmentally conscious, resilient, and vibrant.

For more information on GCoM South Asia's initiatives and Junagadh Climate Action Plan, please reach out to Mr. Ashish Verma, Country Coordinator, GCoM South Asia - [email protected]